Fundamentals of Contract Law

No matter where you live in North America, you must have seen some humorous vignettes depicting a not-so-trustworthy real estate agent trying to sell a house to an innocent-looking couple. My favorite vignette, which still makes me laugh, goes back a few years when I was working in real estate at United Realty. She involved a Pompeii Realty realtor, briefcase

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200 Series Armored Landcruiser

Shell Special Vehicles is a global premium manufacturer, distributor and exporter of armored SUVs headquartered in the United Arab Emirates and selling armored vehicles worldwide. The company also exports the armored vehicles to war zones. The SUV is built with the highest quality materials available on the armored market.Experienced engineers and technicians work throughout the car in coordination and at

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Digital Marketing

3 tips for telling stories on social media

How to build better engagement for your businessStories predate television, the internet, and social media, but they are a huge part of the modern marketing landscape. Social media is, or should be, a big part of your marketing strategy, no matter what line of business you're in.Storytelling on social media can increase brand awareness and reach and help you gain

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Legal Law

Protect your intellectual property with the help of a trademark attorney

By definition, a trademark is a word, symbol or indicator that is legally registered. Intellectual property, in general, is a creation of the mind and includes such things as inventions, literary works, names, images, symbols, designs, and artistic works used in commerce. As the name suggests, we use trademarks registered in the trade. Trademarks make you or your business unique

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