Are you interested in non-shedding dogs but not interested in the typically small options on offer? Unfortunately, there isn’t much to choose from, so you may not get the breed you really want. However, there are a handful of larger dogs that don’t shed if that’s what you really care about. This article lists five of the best large dogs that don’t shed.

1. The poodle is one of the most popular breeds in the world. It is available in three sizes, and the standard is large. They are famous for their curly coat, which usually features lots of crazy hairstyles when seen on the dog circuit. This coat takes a lot of work to maintain, so it is definitely not a breed for those short on patience. Other than that, the Poodle could be suitable for just about anything. They are generally friendly, playful, and love to go outside. They are the second most intelligent race, so you should also give them regular mental challenges.

2. The Schnauzer is another breed that comes in three sizes that all look more or less the same. The Standard and Giant Schnauzer are larger dog breeds. They are generally not as friendly to strangers as their smaller counterpart, and due to their bold temperament, they can become a problem if you don’t show them proper leadership. However, in the right hands, it can become a breed well suited to protecting home and family.

3. The Airedale Terrier is similar to the Schnauzer. It also requires a strong owner and has a similar dominant temperament if not shown proper leadership. They are famous for being the largest of all the terrier breeds, earning them the nickname “The King of Terriers.” This is a breed that should be given plenty of exercise, they really can’t get enough.

4. The Komondor is famous as a British herding breed for its large, shaggy coat. Despite what you may think at first, there is actually a dog underneath. This coat requires a lot of maintenance, so it is also not an ideal option for those who lack patience. Like most herding breeds, they must be given plenty of exercise and mental challenges to keep them happy and healthy.

5. The Basenji is famous for a number of reasons: Many believe it to be the oldest breed of dog, with records dating back thousands and thousands of years. He’s also the only dog ​​that doesn’t technically bark. They are known to be difficult to train, although they are a non-shedding breed and require minimal coat care.

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