5 Simple Strategies for Raising Amazing Kids

Remember the friends you had in high school who were given a car with no expectations of responsibility vs. those friends who had to work for their car?I'm sure they noticed the same difference that I did, in the level of care and appreciation they had for their vehicles.When my kids were that age and they gave a classmate a

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Health Fitness

Diabetes: why carbohydrates can be worse than sugar

Everyone knows that diabetics should avoid eating sugar. But did you know that carbohydrates can raise blood sugar levels more than sugar?Studies have shown that cereals, breads, and cereals are high-glycemic food sources. Being such, they are converted to glucose too quickly, raising blood sugar levels. Some diabetics, or those at risk for diabetes, try to "avoid" this trend by

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Jealousy and envy: differences and similarities

Jealousy and envy are often used interchangeably as if they have the same meaning or are synonymous. Of course, this is wrong, since jealousy is markedly different from envy.Jealousy basically involves at least three parts, and in fact most of the time no more. Envy at its basic level involves only two parties or two entities. Here are the characteristics

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Who needs a partner?

Who needs a partner?We all do it. Humans are social animals. Unconsciously we long for company. What we cannot get from our fellow humans, we get from our "pets." But in reality, our "pets" are defined in terms of cats and dogs. It is difficult to hug an iguana, a spider or a snake.Humans domesticated dogs thousands of years ago.

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Real Estate

How to find someone’s cell phone number the easy way

Finding someone's cell phone number online can be a lot like looking for a needle in a haystack. This is because cell phone numbers are protected by privacy laws and cell phone records have been restricted to privileged individuals and organizations. However, these rules are changing. Recently, some directories of cell phone numbers have been opened to the public. Now

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News writing: how to write a sports report in 4 steps

The news writing style is just as important for sports reporting as it is for general news, business stories, or any other journalistic work. The advantage of sports writing is that you are allowed a little more freedom in word choice. In crime or business writing, you are restricted from using adjectives and adverbs and encouraged to focus more on

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The diversity of Asian food

Food is one of our basic needs. Other than that, most of us view food as a passion and perceive it with a degree of indulgence. And with the wide diversity of people and cultures, there is a wide variety of food and cuisine to suit everyone's tastes. Now, since life provides limitless opportunities, there is no reason why you

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