B. Hive, Bangalore’s largest co-working space with offices listed on Kowrk.com, offers affordable office spaces for businesses, entrepreneurs and freelancers. Statistics have shown that coworking spaces are the new “regular workplace of choice.” B. Hive was the winner of the 2017 Koolest Kospace contest. It was recognized as the best coworking space in the world for its great amenities, supportive staff, and unmatched networking opportunities.

Each B. Hive location is a vibrant, Plug & Play office, each with its own charm and history. The design of each B. Hive workspace is different from one another.

Each B. Hive office space has the option of a dedicated desk, interactive desk, or living room with the option to work in other locations in addition to locations based on 20% of your time. B. Hive offers all people who work in the standard B. Hive Workspaces services, which include

High speed Wi-Fi

Unlimited tea and coffee

Option to use common areas to socialize and socialize.

Option to use meeting rooms and discussion areas at minimal prices

Internal security

Full kitchen

Other than that, if you become a member, you are exposed to a number of services such as company registration through B. Hive, networking opportunities, and events selected for your growth as well as the growth of your company. Frequent users of coworking spaces have said that they have benefited from working in such an environment, which promotes their productivity and improves their business through partnerships.

Reviews for Kowrk.com say it is a “very relaxing and laid back work environment. You can spend time with people over a cup of chai. A very nice place with a helpful support team and a coworking community.”

Another reviewer said “it’s a perfect place for networking events and getting along with like-minded people. Very fun and cool environment. Great place for startups and entrepreneurs to connect and grow.”

If you are looking for the perfect combination of informal workspace to “team up, connect, collaborate and market,” reserve a spot at B.Hive.

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