It is one of the worst afflictions when one is in debt and hounded by creditors. It’s worse when you lose everything you previously had and often find yourself homeless as a result. Seeing recovery agents stop and take your property is one of the most horrendous feelings. They serve your summons to appear in court because your troubles are not over yet. So what do they do?

Believe it or not, this has happened to me. The difference is that I had the best credit counselor by my side who helped me escape from debt. That’s why I have to tell you. You may not agree with me at first, but at least think it through if you find yourself in this kind of trouble.

After my reincarnation and with a link with the Spirit of the Universe he was with me all the time. In fact, he was responsible for the situation because it was part of his plan to cut me off from the world. He had another purpose for me and all I had to do was respond.

Most would never think so, but this supreme intelligence is the Great Creator and it is in everyone and in all of space. In other words, it is God, the true one. He is within us as a little voice or our conscience, whatever you want to call it. Sometimes, though, his voice can be quite loud.

What he does is beyond human capabilities or comprehension because just as he can speak to me, so he can speak to everyone else. That is where power plays its role to overcome debt or anything else that affects your people.

What is debt, after all, if not the inability of money and the financial system to meet our needs? It is man’s invention and works against the Spirit. Men have made money their god and worship it, hoard it and destroy the earth to enrich themselves. It is the cause of evil and greed and that is why the planet is being killed.

God knows how to manipulate it and make people who work against the Spirit pay. Those who think they are rich are the poor because the spiritual people possess a great treasure. His is an inheritance beyond anything man has ever dreamed possible. They receive instant healing from illnesses and other problems and peace beyond understanding.

To acquire it, what you need to do is surrender your life and surrender your debt and let Spirit work it out. It can send you people with cash to pay the bills, it can force the government to give you a house, it can provide you with clothes and other things that appear out of nowhere, so to speak. All one needs to do is give it a try.

Owing money is nothing to worry about and when you have the best advisor working for you, forget it. God works for all who seek the truth and to serve the Spirit and not the false gods of religion. He is to call those who surrender their possessions and lean on them for their safety and salvation. Debt is one of those possessions that you need to give up.

The worst situation you can be in is the one where you don’t know Spirit and you can’t hear it speak to you inside. This happens when worry and trauma take over your life. When you’re cut off from the world and there’s nowhere else to go, that’s when you can best hear it. Give it time and everything will work out and you won’t believe how good you’ll feel.

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