Dogs Eat Popcorn Safely

Can dogs eat popcorn? This is a question I get asked often from people who are going on a trip with their dogs and do not want them to be concerned about popping popcorn and the mess it can make. Yes, dogs can indeed eat popcorn, but only while they’re air-popped (in the bag) and without any other additives. You probably already know the wonderful flavor and smell of popcorn.

Like all fats, the fat in popcorn passes into the digestive tract where it is broken down. What pops up is the oil, grease and salt – yes, salt! This gets quickly digested and used by the body for energy. The oil and grease go right along with the proteins and carbohydrates to be energy sources for your body. The only problem is that as the oil and grease move through your system they are carried off as waste products with it.

can dogs eat popcorn

What happens when you feed your dog a bag of dry popcorn? When this same bag of dry popcorn is placed in your dog’s water bowl the dog will not be able to easily digest it. This is because the oil and grease is mixed with the proteins and carbohydrates and not as healthy as it would normally be. The same can happen if you feed your dog dry dog food that has been heated in the microwave. Again, this is not healthy for the dog.

Can Dogs Eat Popcorn Safely?

So, how can you make sure your dog gets the proper snack to fit his or her tastes? There are many healthy snacks that dogs can eat, such as cheese, pretzels, chicken nuggets, plain old corn, and even dried fruit. These healthy snacks are often moist and provide some of the same nutrition that a bag of dry popcorn would provide. This is why it is important to have a variety of treats on hand at any given time.

One safe and nutritious treat that many people choose is peanut butter popcorn. There are many different varieties that can be found on the market today that have peanuts and butter as their main ingredients. Although, many people are afraid of what they may be putting in their dogs’ mouths there are no long term problems associated with this treat. Peanut butter is actually very good for the human body and not only does it help improve your dogs health but also keeps them healthy. However, you should never feed your dog peanut butter popcorn in any way that is not organic. Popcorn is just as bad as eating regular popcorn and can easily be harmful to your canine.

For added healthy snacks you can give your pooch a bag of plain low fat yogurt, or you can also give them some plain low fat yogurt in a can, along with a bag of your favorite crackers. Both yogurt and crackers are safe for dogs to eat, however, giving your pup plain yogurt is a great way to start as you can slowly introduce them to the foods that they prefer. Another benefit that you can get from giving your dog plain low fat yogurt and popcorns is that it will keep your canine healthy and help prevent them from getting any kind of heartworm disease, which is common in dogs that eat lots of plain, non-organic snacks and other treats.

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