During the fifth year of Oprah and Eckhart Tolle’s online class, Oprah recalled something that happened to Eckhart after he dealt with a woman’s heavy body of pain. After successfully pulling this woman out of a tormenting pain-body, Eckhart went to a restaurant to eat. Upon entering, Tolle sensed a strong presence and similar disruptive force in a gentleman dining nearby.

Tolle: “It was particularly strange because it happened immediately after I had a session with a woman who had a very heavy pain body at home … It was so heavy that you could almost feel it in the energy field.”

Dense darkness can be felt spiritually just like in the days of Moses, when the Israelites could sense evil in the atmosphere (Exodus 10:21).

As for the immediate spiritual attack on Eckhart after this woman’s glorious deliverance, this is precisely what Jesus said often occurs after a spiritual breakthrough. “Instantly Satan comes and takes away the word that was sown in his heart” (Mark 4:15).

Oprah: “Yeah. We’ve all come across people like that where it’s deep, it’s heavy, it’s dark.”

The man in the restaurant started screaming and yelling, louder and louder. It was then that Eckhart realized that the universal pain-body (what I call the devil) was reacting to the recent liberation of women.

Eckhart, speaking for the pain-body, mentioned that it was as if he was saying, “I’m still here. You thought you got rid of me, but I’m still here.”

The demon just jumped on another person who had the most negativity inside of him. By drawing it in, people often unknowingly open up and absorb demon spirits which then manifest their anger through them.

Demon spirits are always looking for bodies to inhabit and express their evil nature. When Jesus cast out the demons, the demons once asked him to enter the nearby pigs. Preparing to expel the demons from two men from Gergesenes, the evil spirits cried out to Jesus saying, “What have we to do with you, Jesus, Son of God? Have you come here to torment us before the time?” (Matthew 8:29)

Satan and his demons know their time is short as God’s impending judgment is fast approaching. In the distance a herd of pigs was grazing, which the demons asked Jesus: “If you drive us out, let us go to the pigs” (verse 31).

When Jesus said, “Go away!” The demons left the men and entered the pigs. The entire herd of pigs immediately under the influence of demonic spirits quickly ran into the water and drowned (v. 32).

Those who looked at this in dismay and fear fled to tell everyone in the city what had happened to the demonized (vs. 33).

This is just one of many examples of how demon spirits abandon one person and seek to dwell in another. Jesus said that when a demon leaves a body or a house, he immediately seeks to dwell in another (see Matthew 12:43). If the spirit cannot find a place to rest, it will return seeking to inhabit the same person (see verses 44-45).

Therefore, the person must become spiritually strong and filled with the Word of God in order to defeat the devil when he returns with the evil spirits who wish to possess him.

After witnessing the customer making all this commotion after Eckhart walked into the restaurant, the owner approached Tolle and asked, “Did you do all this? Did you cause this?” (p. 47)

Intuitively, the restaurant owner discerned the spiritual connection that precipitated the disruption.

Eckhart strongly feeling the negative oppressive energy in the restaurant does not rule out the possibility that the pain body (or demon as I call it) followed him to the restaurant seeking revenge for the loss of his old home within the newly liberated woman.

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