Forgetting the past and roots equates to pride and ignorance, unless the person is affected by amnesia or insanity. This is the reason why we need to know the history and heritage of our family and the world in particular, and the evolution of life in general. Even animals and birds remember their bases for returning home after day trips, but humans conveniently ignore those who shaped their career until now. Fruits cannot take credit for their delicacy by neglecting the underground roots. An elegant and gigantic tower rests solely on the solid foundations. Our boneless body will look like a deflated tube. A person should not forget his parents or others after achieving his growth and prosperity.

A real incident will amplify the point. A childless couple adopted and raised a poor child with all the comforts and benefits of life. The boy became a talented engineer and landed a position with a reputable company. The loving couple duly married him to a beautiful girl and gifted him their property while keeping a small apartment. Unfortunately, the adopted son left the elderly couple to live with his new wife.

The systems of family and society are in place to warn backtracking and create participation in life. Adherence to the customs and rituals of a family cannot be called orthodox or old-fashioned. Actually, such a practice leads to peace and happiness in society. For example, heirs of ancient kingdoms strictly give themselves to charity to distribute gifts to the public on special occasions such as birthdays, festivals, etc. In fact, they share their wealth with others. All over the world, people celebrate festivals to remember and thank nature for good rains and harvests. In the same way, a person should never forget the teachers who taught the lessons for life, the farmers who provide the food of growth, and the profession or job for a living. Sharing the benefits of what we have gained so far with others is the right way to express gratitude to society at large.

Our life revolves around nature for sustenance and posterity. The advent of science and technology, along with the ever-increasing greed of human beings, have caused irreversible damage to nature that affects our very existence. Deforestation, inorganic agriculture, excessive dependence on machines, genetic alteration techniques, etc. are some examples that show the departure of man from nature. The consequences are already visible such as climate change, drought, the appearance of new diseases and disorders, etc. Newton’s law “Any action has a reaction” is bound to apply if we don’t immediately amend our path.

No one will respect someone who fails to appreciate the past. An honest soul always reverberates with good thoughts and actions.

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