Quote of the Day: “If we insist on the visible proofs of God, it is very possible that we prepare the way for a permanent state of disappointment. True faith tries not so much to manipulate God into doing our will as to position us to do so. In the Bible models of great faith, I was surprised to see how few saints experienced anything like Job’s dramatic encounter with God. The rest responded to the concealment not by demanding that he show himself, but by moving forward and believing him even though he remained hidden. ” Phillip yancey

The “Rock” in Morro Bay, California is spectacular. It always reminds me of my faith in God. For me, the rock represents God’s control of my life. I know that I could never achieve my goals today with a great God helping me set and achieve important goals.

Without faith, I don’t think I have the courage to tackle new projects. I trust in God’s ability … not mine. I know that God can move mountains. I can only look at big rocks. However, with God’s help and motivation, I can move all the mountains in my life.

In the Bible there is talk of having a firm belief the size of a small mustard seed. He says that with this belief mountains can be moved. What do you believe in? Our own ability to move the mountain? The only being I know who has the power to move Morro Bay Rock is God.

I heard a great story about a child’s confidence the other day. This boy went down to the beach to fly a kite. I had never flown a kite before, I didn’t think I would actually fly. His father told him the kite would fly, just look and believe. The boy began to run with the kite, holding on firmly to the rope. Of course the kite took off and was heard saying, “I knew it would fly, Daddy.” Daddy, you said I would. “If our Father says that the mountain will move, it will move. It will conquer, without a doubt.

Two ways to increase your trust in God.

First, try it … He, God, told us to try it, try it and see if He is God. Well, it says something like that. We don’t have to wonder about the power of God. He invites us to draw close to Him to all who are burdened with burdens.

Second, listen to others. Ask someone else about the power of God. If you want to know if God heals, ask someone who has been healed. If you want to know if God frees people from addiction, ask someone who was a slave to drugs and alcohol and is free today. Hey, I was one of those hopeless alcoholics but today and for years I’ve been free.

Trust in the works of God! When all else fails, God really works.

If you have mountains in your life today that need to be moved, I encourage you to trust the God who builds mountains and removes mountains. Hey, God bless you and let’s go out and achieve your goals today.

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