Penises, like all living things, give off an odor. However, some cocks have a bad case of ’70s funk. There are several reasons why a perfectly normal penis can quickly transform into a stinky penis in what seems like seconds. Here is a list of professionals on how to get rid of penis odor.

How to get rid of penis odor: # 1 look at the pee label

First, let’s talk about all the men who urinate (which should be pretty much everyone). A smoothie may not be suitable, guys. After urinating, clean the penis; otherwise, small drops of urine will reach the underwear. Then the penis is baked in the heat from the groin and those little drops of urine turn into one big stinky feast.

For gentlemen who sport an uncut penis, be sure to pull back the foreskin when urinating to prevent urine from getting under the foreskin and causing irritation and a not-so-fragrant odor.

How to get rid of penis smell: # 2 Prune the tree

Pubic hair traps all kinds of things like bacteria, oils, urine, and other fluids and emissions. By keeping your hair trimmed there, there’s less to preserve the less-than-stellar smells. It also looks good.

How to get rid of penis smell: # 3 have a sex talk BEFORE you have sex

Sexually transmitted infections can definitely lead to a stinky penis, among other far more serious consequences. Have a sex talk with a partner before sexual contact. If a partner appears to have symptoms of an STI and has not disclosed it, stop contact immediately.

How to Get Rid of Penis Smell: # 4 Condom and Lube Control!

Be sure to continue the practice of safe sex beyond the very important conversation as recommended in n. ° 3. Always use condoms that protect against STIs when you have sex. Also, be sure to use a water-based lubricant when you need it. Oil-based lubricant and household lubricant, also known as saliva, can introduce bacteria to the penis.

How to get rid of penis odor: # 5 after sexual protocol

After doing the wild, run to the bathroom to give your Jolly Roger a good clean. This helps to remove bacteria and irritants from the penis, as well as any extra emissions … ummm … that may have been left.

How To Get Rid Of Penis Smell: # 6 Loosen … Your Drawers, That Is

For most men, their penis is installed in underwear or even simply pants most of the hours of each day. That means your sausage and beans spend a lot of time marinating in a hot, sweaty, smelly environment. Be sure to invest in good quality cotton underwear or equally good moisture wicking underwear to dry the area. Also, tight whites don’t really need to be tight – in fact, they shouldn’t be. Give the penis some room to air out and just hang down. This not only prevents a stinky penis, but it also protects against peripheral nerve damage.

How To Get Rid Of Penis Smell: # 7 Check For Infection

Some infections not related to STIs can make a man’s nose droop. Things like urinary tract infections and yeast infections give off a foul odor and can be quite painful and dangerous. UTIs occur when bacteria have reached the urinary tract and often take on a fishy odor. Yeast infections occur when there is an overgrowth of natural fungi in the body and it is marked by a musty odor. See a doctor for diagnosis and treatment if it is a first time violation.

How To Get Rid Of Penis Smell: # 8 Have A Daily Hygiene Regimen

We save the best for last! Clean that member, sir! Clean the penis daily (more if necessary) with warm water and a mild cleanser. Make sure to retract the foreskin and wash the entire area carefully, but thoroughly. When done, rinse well. Dry with a soft towel (never rub) or air dry.

Follow with a specially formulated penis health cream. (Health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically shown to be safe and gentle on the skin) to the area. Creams like this include essential nutrients like vitamin A, which is an antibacterial agent, and vitamin C, which promotes healthy cell function, collagen formation, and refreshes the penis. Add to that several other vitamins and amino acids to strengthen the skin and stimulate blood flow, all wrapped in a silky shea butter and vitamin E that preserves moisture. No one will ever accuse a man who follows this regimen of having a stinky penis once again!

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