I desperately needed to lose weight for my wedding. I have lost 13 pounds in the first week and 10 pounds in the second. This is a pretty short time to lose weight, and not a very healthy one, I know. However, this rapid weight loss success was a kick start to my weight loss journey and motivated me to keep losing weight, following natural and healthy methods later on. I’m going to share every step I took in the second week that helped me lose 10 pounds in 7 days.

Keep in mind that extremely rapid weight loss is never healthy.

Here are the steps I followed after the first 7 days to lose 10 pounds in a week:

1) First, I had a detox day: to cleanse my body and lose weight even faster. I made a shot of lemon juice, ginger, and honey mixed with water, and drank this detox drink throughout the day. Whenever he was hungry, he just drank it. I felt fine, like I normally feel, no cramps, no lack of energy, nothing. This was not difficult at all, and I’m sure it improved my weight loss results. I know some people do a whole week of detoxing, but this is not for me.

2) I limited the amounts of food, because I really needed to lose weight really fast. It had lots of vegetables, lean meat, fish, eggs, and some fruit (mainly apples and oranges). My new rule of thumb for eating was this: half the plate should be vegetables (I just tried to avoid too much potato), ¼ of the plate – white meat or fish, and the rest could be fruit (no bananas because they’re too sweet and starchy). ). I know that eating less is not always an option for lasting weight loss. But surely it is an option to lose weight fast, and that was my goal. An easier way to reduce the amount of food is to get a smaller plate. However, eating less was quite difficult, I admitted. But I reached my goal, and I am very happy now.

3) I added 2 apples and a can of black beans to my daily diet. I had beans as my main meal, or split them into 2 smaller meals and eat them with vegetables on the side. This is a trick that no diet counts. And it works wonders, because 35 grams of fiber in a daily diet really boosts weight loss. These fibers cleanse the digestive tract and improve digestion.

4) I started eating breakfast and stopped eating at night. 7pm was the last hour of the day that I had dinner. Breakfast boosted my metabolism and helped me burn calories faster, although I never thought it could be so important for weight loss. It kept me energized too. I drank at least 10 glasses of water during the day, and I still do: water cleanses the body, increases the metabolic rate and does not leave you feeling hungry.

5) I distributed my usual caloric intake during the day. I started eating 5 times a day, with smaller meals. This way I never had to go hungry.

6) I limited fatty, sweet, and not-so-healthy foods, and whenever I felt like I needed to eat something unhealthy, I moved those foods to the first part of the day. Because the metabolism is higher in the morning compared to the night, and this allows me to eat a donut or ice cream once every few days.

7) Instead of drinking juice, he always ate fresh fruit. The juice is too sweet for weight loss, if you feel thirsty, drink some water or unsweetened green tea.

8) I kept myself motivated and busy all the time. I know that when you are busy, you don’t have time to go to the kitchen. This works great.

This plan may sound too simple to lose 10 pounds in a week, but follow it religiously and you’ll see real results.

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