Many men think that the only way they can lose man boobs is through surgery. This common misconception that going under the knife for gynecomastia or long-lasting liposuction has been widely publicized by the cosmetic surgery fraternity and rightly so, the cost of gynecomastia surgery to reduce your man boobs will cost a minimum of $ 2,500, pretty good if you’re a cosmetic surgeon.

Unfortunately, most men are not even aware that there is a completely natural and painless way to lose man boobs. Simply put, the solution comes down to a combination of diet and specialized exercise. There are certain types of foods that you should avoid as they promote the formation of fat in the chest region. As with all fat reduction programs, it is necessary to reduce caloric intake and avoid fatty foods.

Exercise is the other ingredient for a quick, painless and natural way to lose man boobs. Any cardiovascular exercise, like jogging, will help burn fat from the whole body. The forms of exercise you need to focus on the most are those that specifically target chest fat. You want to exercise with weights that builds muscle rather than fat in the pectoralis minor and major regions. These are the muscles that form and support the breasts. By turning fat into muscle, you will see your breasts shift from large neglected man boobs to a smaller, firmer, more chiseled chest.

It is important that you get a good program like I did to make sure you are successful, performing the wrong exercises can actually lead to larger breasts, so be sure to start with exercises that have been specially designed to give you the maximum benefit.

Exercises that are crucial to losing man boobs naturally are pushups, bench presses, and dumbbell routines. These exercises specifically firm and tone the area responsible for the formation of man boobs.

An excellent exercise you can do is to place your feet flat on the floor while lying on your back on a fitness ball. With a few light weights in each hand, extend your arms toward the ceiling and then allow them to slowly drop to either side of your body, so that you end up with your arms extended in a crucifix position. Allow your arms to move slightly below horizontal and then slowly bring them back together. Repeat this for 10 reps during the first week, adding an additional 5 reps each subsequent week until you reach 30 reps. This will have the dual effect of burning calories and chest fat, as well as building new, firmer chest muscles.

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