How to seduce a cougar (a nickname for mature women) – It’s pretty easy if you know how. Seducing an older woman is really different from attracting an 18-year-old girl. Most men tend to take the “one size fits all” approach and use the same dating tactics and techniques with an older woman. The fact is that the older woman would have seen all the tricks she uses in her love life. What you need are a few different techniques that will work for older women (and not necessarily younger girls). Read on to find out how to seduce a cougar and get amazing results …

“Stop trying to impress her.” You may be able to impress a younger woman with your Jaguar or Mercedes CL6, but a cougar would normally be financially secure in her life. Therefore, you should be able to attract her in a different way. One key thing that cougars want is MATURITY. Read on to the next tip to learn more about this …

“Show maturity”. Cougars or older women will not be impressed by childish behavior. They tend to look for men who are emotionally stable and mature. This also means that they are governed by their emotions, and this is something you should take advantage of to like them (read the next tip).

“Appeal to your emotions”. Older women tend to be more emotionally charged than younger women. You must appeal to your emotions by giving you the emotional roller coaster you deeply yearn for in your life. When you are able to do this, you will be able to seduce her.

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