An integral part of human behavior is that we knowingly or unknowingly operate our system on habits. These habits are an intrinsic part of our daily existence. So when you make a conscious effort to start your day with healthy habits, you are actually in a process of making our lives more meaningful, nourishing and active. Nutritionists advocate making these healthy habits a part of your daily ritual and watch it transform your life for a better future. Here is a list of some healthy habits to start your day.

Wake up early-

Make a powerful habit of getting up early in the morning as there is something magical about the morning hours. Get away from the practice of snoozing your alarm clock every time it starts to go off. Getting up early is an important habit that can set the pace for your entire day. Once you make a dedicated effort to achieve this goal, you will realize how much extra work you can get done with the extra time you find in the morning.

To meditate-

Once you’ve learned how to get up early in the morning, you now need to focus on some mind-building ideas to set your intention for the day. Performing the meditation for 10-15 minutes can be a good practice to train the mind and emotions. It teaches you to react positively to the challenges you may experience during the day.

Meditation also gives you a brilliant idea of ​​how to get on with the day. When you breathe deeply during meditation, you let all your worries pass you by and you experience inner peace. The silence of meditation has a remarkable effect on your mind and soul.

Hydrate –

Top and famous nutritionists also suggest starting your day with a glass of honey water as it helps rehydrate your body. Since you have woken up after long hours of sleep, your body may experience dehydration early in the morning. Drinking a glass of lemon water also cleanses your system and removes toxins from your digestive tract. Also, lemon is an excellent source of vitamin C; helps fight obesity and freshen breath.


A training session in the morning helps you stay fit and active throughout the day. You can opt for yoga, brisk walking, cycling, a quick set of sit-ups and push-ups, jogging, or swimming. It also keeps you safe from many deadly diseases like diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, and obesity. You can take the help of a trainer to decide the right type of exercises considering your body structure and other health conditions. Exercises improve the level of oxygen and nutrients in the blood and energize the mind and body.

Have a healthy breakfast-

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Since you eat breakfast after long hours of sleep, try to make it rich in nutrients and healthy. You can opt for eggs, sprouted beans, whole wheat bread, baked beans, whole wheat chapatis, and fresh fruit juice. Top nutritionists recommend that you never skip breakfast, as you can end up with a craving for junk food that only provides you with empty calories.

So these were, in short, 5 healthy habits to start the day.

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