I have aged gracefully but I am still single. But my point of writing this article is pretty funny. It’s quite interesting how I successfully lied to my mother in an attempt to fulfill my future endeavors and my soulmate. I’m sure it will make you smile. So keep reading.

First of all, I heard from someone that my visa was ready and that I just had to pick it up at Saimon Center in town. I told mom I was going to my aunt’s house. Instead, I took the rental car and drove to the Center and asked at the counter if there were any visas in my name. Both people at the counter looked confused. They asked me if I had applied for the visa. I said no, but I heard my visa was ready and that I should pick it up from here. FAULT 1.

I then came to know from another source the number of the floor where my soul mate was temporarily staying with her original family at my previous residence. It was in the same building we were staying in at the time. I lied to my mother that I was going to the dentist, but at the time I was receiving dental treatment. Instead of going there, I dressed up smartly and went to my soulmate’s flat. When I went and rang the bell, there was no one but a maid who said she didn’t know if foreigners lived there. In fact, my soul mate is a Muslim foreigner. FAULT 2.

On another occasion, I lied to my mother again, telling her that I still had more teeth to fix, which was true, and I told her that I had to take the rental car to the dentist. And instead I went to my older aunt’s house. I told him the whole story of my life and how much I wanted to go abroad and also marry my soul mate. She commented that she was too old to help. I told him that his daughter (my cousin) could help. She wasn’t there, but my aunt promised she would tell her. I wrote the name of my future partner and a group that I should contact in my old residence, but the days passed and when I called her again, she was so indifferent that I dropped the matter completely and did not say anything to her. FAULT 3.

Then I had to do minor repairs on my laptop. So I told someone to tell my soulmate’s family that I would go to the Computer Center in town where they could find me. I left the last part out of telling my mom and just told her that I was going to repair my laptop. When I went downtown, I found that the store I was looking for had a more modern look than before and asked for the man I knew and he came over to help. They took my laptop and started doing the minor repairs while I chatted with the man, looked at the laptops and notebooks, and finally bought a cheap 32GB flash drive. What about my soulmate and her original family? They never appeared. FAULT 4.

This is how my days go by and I don’t know what to do. There is no sign of marriage or going abroad. No clues, no signs. But when I see the funny side of lying to my mother every time successfully, I can’t help but smile.

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