It’s a fact, the way we treat our dogs is killing them. When our pets die, it’s not always due to circumstances beyond our control. Labradoodle puppies are bred from two incredibly large dog breeds. You get this great breed from a Labrador and a Poodle. These are two educated, loyal and intelligent dogs. It would be terrible not to do what it takes to help Labradoodle puppies reach their full potential. Here are a couple of things people don’t know about Labradoodle puppies or any other breed.

  • In the US, a dog’s lifespan is only 11 years, compared to up to 15 in the rest of the world. But, it should be as long as 27 years!
  • One really important thing that affects the lifespan of our Labradoodle puppies is the food we give them. You can try to say it’s something we can’t control, but do you read the ingredients on the label?
  • Just because the label says all natural and no chemicals added doesn’t mean there aren’t any chemicals that are bad for your pup. If they don’t add them, they don’t need to tell you!

blame the other company

Sometimes the companies we buy food for our Labradoodle puppies from buy their ingredients from other companies. Often the “other company” will treat their ingredients with chemicals that help the ingredients last longer and help them mix better. They end up making more money on the ingredients because they last longer. Puppy food companies can buy their ingredients from these companies because it is much less expensive. Since they didn’t add the chemicals themselves, they can take advantage of a loophole that allows them to claim that the dog food is chemical-free and all-natural.

5 vital things to keep them healthy

It has been estimated that the Labradoodle should be able to live close to 30 years, which is 3 years longer than other dog breeds are expected to live. If the conditions were right, that would be great, but they are not and have not been for thousands of years. Take a look at these five things you can do to help your Labradoodle puppies live longer.

  • Love: You make it so easy to do this!
  • Exercise: They love to go for walks!
  • Shelter: They love being indoors with their family.
  • Water: Fresh, clean water is an easy way to ensure your Labradoodle puppies are healthy!
  • Chemical Free Foods: It’s hard to be fully in control of this, but it’s worth looking into and it’s not impossible.

Long Live Your Labradoodle Puppies

Take your time to research good food. Play with your Labradoodle. Give your Australian Labradoodle puppies the love they deserve and they will be the most loyal, loving and trainable breeds you will ever own. There is a reason for all this fuss and if you take care of them you will have the best dog for a long time!

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