If there is a new baby in your life, you may want to consider buying him or her a personalized gift that he or she can cherish forever. Many parents receive gifts such as diapers, bottles, and other useful items, but a personalized gift is something special that will become a keepsake for the baby; a gift that they will always cherish in their hearts and that they will remember as an important part of their childhood. Here are some great ideas for personalized baby gifts:


Parents love to display photos of their children, so a personalized frame is a perfect gift for both baby and parents. A wide variety of available photo frames can be personalized with names, dates and other information about the child. As the baby grows, parents can change the pictures to keep them up to date, or it can remain a picture frame that specifically contains a picture of the baby’s first days in this world.

Blankets and Quilts

One of the most popular items to personalize are blankets, comforters, and blankets; three elements of which you can never have too many. You can order blankets and duvets to be personalized with anything from baby names and birth dates to special appointments and how big the baby was when it was born. Comforters, blankets, and blankets can come in all sizes and styles, including blue for baby boys, pink for girls, and other colors if you don’t already know the gender of the child. How can you personalize it before the baby is born? Personalize it only with the baby’s last name or a beautiful quote.


Like blankets, bibs are very necessary for all babies. They can be personalized not only with a baby’s name, but also with a cute saying, pictures, and anything else you can imagine. You can also find bibs that are perfect for the seasonal holidays. There is no better way to celebrate a first birthday, communion, Christmas or anything else than with a personalized bib. If the baby is in daycare, a great way to make sure they don’t lose the bibs they wear every day is to engrave it with their full name.

Religious Gifts

If the new baby is born into a religious family, a personalized religious gift may be appropriate. You can find crosses and gifts from other religions that are great for gifts at birth, or you can look for personalized gifts that focus on certain religious holidays or rights of way, such as baptism, Easter, Christmas, or first communion. You can also find framed religious poetry and pictures that can be personalized.


If none of the above gifts seem right for the new baby in your life, you can look for other keepsakes that can be personalized and will work well for a baby. For example, a popular personalized gift is the “My First Curl” game, which allows parents to save a lock of hair from their baby’s first haircut. Photo albums that have personalized covers, carved wood blocks with personal touches, and clothing personalized with the baby’s name also work well as baby gifts.

Tips for choosing personalized baby gifts

Once you’ve chosen the gift you want to give, be sure to follow these tips to ensure your personalization is perfect:

-Check with the parents the correct spelling of the baby’s name. Some names are extremely unusual and parents can be offended if they misspell them.

-Never assume the date of birth. If the baby is not yet born, wait before adding a date or do not include a date at all.

-Remember to be practical. New parents don’t want items that they have to put together or that just collect dust in a closet. Personalized keepsakes are nice, but top them off with practical gifts, like a gift certificate to a local baby store or some clothing.

-Personalized gifts may not be appropriate at a baby shower. Even if parents have announced their chosen name, they could end up changing their minds.

-Be considerate of other gifts. Some items are appropriate for parents or other family members to give as gifts, and you don’t want to step on your toes! A bib that says “Grandma’s Little Angel” is probably a better gift for Grandma.

Personalizing your gifts can really show that you care about the new baby and want to show your love. Parents really appreciate the gifts they can use and keep. Online and offline, there are tons of options for personalized gifts in all price ranges. Whether you want to spend a little or a lot, you will be able to find that perfect personalized gift to welcome the new bundle of joy to the world.

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