We are all influenced by our environment and when a guy sees a girl he likes, he also changes his behavior. There are a number of subtle changes that men make when in the presence of a woman or girl they like. He reads on and finds out if he really likes you before he responds.

Read his mind by watching his eyes.

No matter how reserved he is, his eyes tell you a different story. If his look transmits admiration and respect then surely he likes you. However, if the guy is outgoing, he will give you that romantic look and won’t hesitate to make eye contact.

Your attention span

Watch him closely and take note of his attention span when you talk to him. If he listens to you without looking bored or distracted, he’s either attracted to you or you’re telling him something cool.

Any change in your behavior.

Like any other boy, this boy is boisterous and funny. However, when you are close, he notices that he reduces it to a chivalrous level and he does it subconsciously. This is a clear indication that he likes you and wants you to know that he is on good behavior.

your language

Everyone uses profanity when in the presence of peers and close friends. However, if your guy doesn’t do it when you’re around or moderate his use of those words, he definitely likes you and he wants you to be comfortable.

Sudden interest in your personal affairs

Guys don’t generally gossip like women. But if you find him asking questions about you or if you notice him probing you to find out more about your personal life, he’s probably interested in you.

His mood when you’re around.

If you work or study in the same place, you will notice the sudden change in his mood if he likes you. Your very presence makes him happy and cheers him up. This boy definitely loves you very much. It is only a matter of time before he reaches out to you to take your relationship to a new level.

Special treatment

Although he is fair in his dealings with others, you receive special treatment. This is obvious to you and others in your group. If this is the case, your guy certainly likes you. He treats you differently because you occupy a special place in his heart.

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