I am an American woman who lived my life as a single mother. For eighteen years, it was just me and my two children. I have a girl and a boy. After raising them on their own for their entire lives, it was time to leave and start their lives as college students. Feeling sad and very lonely about his disappearance, I realized that I was quickly sinking into the hole of “Empty Nest Syndrome”. My children had been my whole life since they were born. The fact that I raised them by myself, with no child support or whatever, left me to do it all by myself. I don’t regret what I had to do, but I did what I had to do. They were my life.

One day a friend called me and asked if I wanted to join her and a few others on a cruise to Jamaica. I immediately said yes. I went to Jamaica and immediately after leaving the ship I was greeted by a very handsome Jamaican man who did everything he could to woo me. Before I knew it, some emotions and feelings were awakened inside me that had been buried for years. He completely swept me off my feet. His charisma was overflowing and very charming.

Returning to the US, he would call me three, four, even five times a day, devouring me with his affection. She continued to do this until he convinced me to return to Jamaica. Returning to Jamaica, he did everything possible to persuade me that he was more than interested in me and, in fact, as he put it, “falling in love with me.” For all the affection he showed, I believed him. He eventually started calling me with outlandish reasons why he needed money from me and I, believing that he was sincere and that he had fallen in love with me, accommodated his desire. I believed him and I trusted him. After they sent him a large amount of money, he realized that it was all a scam. In fact, he had a wife who was already living with him and she lived in Jamaica. The two were in on the scam together. The damage and pain I experienced was irrepressible.

Trying to get rid of the pain of that relationship, I met a couple other men in Jamaica and got involved with them as well. Believing that others can be different, but only to find out that they were the same, was a pattern. They all just wanted money and a way to get out of Jamaica. The motive and goal was the same for everyone he had met.

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