I have a Kenmore DuraPower 37030 bagless upright vacuum on sale at Sears for $ 99. The regular price is $ 199 but is often on sale for less. It has a powerful 12 amp motor and comes with the usual onboard tools and a 30 foot power cord. The warranty is one year for parts and labor.

I use the vacuum cleaner in my insurance business where we have residential type rugs. It has an electronic dirt sensor that detects how dirty the carpet is. That seemed like a gimmick, but it’s actually helpful to see which sections of the rug need extra attention. Does a very good job cleaning the carpet. It’s kind of satisfying to see the sensor light showing the dirt, then you see the brush spinning and the captured dirt swirling in the cyclone tank. So the dirt sensor shows clean and everything is fine! What will they think next?

Another feature is HEPA air filtration and the air is clean and dust-free when the machine is running. The vacuum cleaner is fairly quiet and seems to have a quality feel to it. The dirt tank is easy to empty.

So far the only negative factor I have found is that the vacuum is big and heavy. After cleaning about 800 feet of carpet, it starts to get tiring. It doesn’t get under things like chairs as easily as smaller machines. I don’t want to take it up and down the stars often.

Overall, I am very satisfied with the DuraPower 37030.

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