Digital Marketing

Data acquisition: closed response questionnaire response format

Interviewer and coder bias is eliminated because the interviewer is simply checking a box, circling a category, recording a number, or pressing a key. Reading response alternatives can refresh a person's memory and provide a more realistic response. Also, because the option to expose a topic is not given to a respondent, there is no bias towards articulation. Finally, the

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Health Fitness

Cycling 101: How To Conquer That Fear

It seems that advances in science and technology have made life easier for people: transportation that takes us where we want to go, machines, appliances and gadgets that make work easier. In particular, with the advent of the Internet, almost everything can be done online: reading, studying, banking online, and even shopping. However, the ease of life has led more

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Legal Law

Why You Should Have a Corporate Lawyer on Staff

Corporations and small businesses are sites of expertise in their own industries. Business executives are highly specialized professionals whose main focus is the efficient and profitable management of their businesses. These professionals must be able to dedicate their time and energy to that purpose, not to worry about big and small legal issues for their companies. If you are running

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Lifestyle Fashion

What is the difference between ThermiSmooth and ThermiTight?

As the demand for anti-aging solutions increases, consumers are looking for new and less invasive options to turn back time. Hence, cutting-edge options like ThermiSmooth and ThermiTight that address issues like skin laxity and wrinkles have become very popular. Let's find out what is the difference between ThermiSmooth and ThermiTight.ThermiRFThermiSmooth and ThermiTight are two of the anti-aging procedures available on

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Hypothyroidism in the German Shorthaired Pointer

Many people are diagnosed with "hypothyroidism." Although this disease is rare in the feline population, it can occur quite frequently in canines and the German Shorthaired Pointer is one of the breeds that can develop this metabolic disorder. The thyroid is an extremely important gland in the body that has two lobes and is located on both sides of the

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Real Estate

What is the use of virtual assistants?

The advent of online technology has changed the workforce forever. Outsourcing has been common since the 1980s, but at the time, a contractor still had to go to the office to get information and bring it to their office to do the job.Now, a virtual assistant can live literally anywhere they have access to the Internet. Virtual assistants understand how

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Tours Travel

Tim Hortons is awesome

Recently, I was visiting friends and a few friends of friends in the Great White North (Canada, that is) and realized that Canadians know about food. At least they know fast food. What I'm talking about is Tim Hortons, a restaurant chain that hardly anyone at home has ever heard of. I came to the conclusion that if there were

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