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IT – BPO – And Real Estate Development

There is no doubt that IT and BPO have been a key reason for real estate development in many cities. Even today, a large amount of investment in commercial real estate can be attributed to sectors, which also generate residential real estate growth in a region. A recent study, jointly conducted by the National Association of Software and Services Companies

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Lamar Odom – Why They Call It "The goods"

Lamar Odom is well known among basketball fans for his versatile style of play. What most of them will now know is that Odom was once given the nickname "The Goods" because that's what he practically delivered during every game throughout his youth. When he was a star with the University of Rhode Island, Odom would help lead the team

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What Are Low Doc and Non-Conforming Loans?

Low Doc and Non-Conforming Loans When comparing no doc and non-conforming loans, it is important to remember that there are advantages and disadvantages to both types of loans. Low doc loans are better suited for self-employed customers or unconventional borrowers, as lenders dealing in these types of loan are more likely to have greater flexibility in assessing an application and

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Top tips to ensure you conceive a girl

So you've been trying for a while and all that happens is one guy after another. Sure you love all the boys with all your heart, but something is missing; you desperately want to conceive a girl. For some families it just doesn't seem natural to not have some sort of balance there. Regardless of what your reasons are for

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CSR for small businesses – Communication

Future articles in this series will focus on more advice on particular topics within the CSR agenda and will include Environment, Employees and Workplace, Suppliers, Community Engagement, Charity / Good Causes and Communication. I'm still trying to keep the admin jargon out to make this as easy to implement and see results as soon as possible. I will also look

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