Legal Law

What is a lien and foreclosure?

A link is a notice attached to your property that puts everyone on constructive notice that a creditor has a claim. A lien is usually filed and recorded in the public records of the county (for real property) or with the secretary of state (for personal property). Why does a link help a creditor? Well ... to sell or refinance

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Are Dog Rescue Adoption Leases Turning To Leases?

In my ongoing research on dog rescue groups, I have discovered an alarming change that some groups are making in their adoption contracts. A new article is being added to the contract that effectively gives the rescue group the "right" to Get back the dog you adopted to anytime in the future. A rescue group from a puppy mill near

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Real Estate

4 ways to wholesale real estate

Do you want to invest in real estate without financial risk and without money or credit? Wholesaling homes is a popular option. Personally, I think wholesaling can be a challenging way to start, but the fact that you can start investing in real estate without any barriers to entry makes wholesaling an attractive option. If you can be good at

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Shopping Product Reviews

Integrate Gmail with Thunderbird

While updating my thunderbird email software tonight, I came across a great plugin that allowed me to integrate my Thumderbird with my Gmail calendar that I thought I would share.First of all, I love Thunderbird, but one of the main features I was missing was linking it to a calendar. After having been using Outlook for the past few years,

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AFC South Preview 2005

In the AFC South, the Jacksonville Jaguars are expected to be on the Colts' heels for most of the season, but in the end, the Colts with an improved defense must be given the go-ahead to win the division. Colt HC Tony Dungy had to do something with their defense given the fact that they ranked 28th overall in the

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Tours Travel

Second honeymoon: don’t wait until you need it

Hey, do you remember that honeymoon you had with your new spouse, oh so many years ago? Wasn't it wonderful? The love? The walks on the beach? The kisses under the moonlight? Now if you're thinking, "yes, those were the days," then you and your loved one must have a second honeymoon. That's right, a second honeymoon. Who said romance

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Arts Entertainments

Tony Stewart – NASCAR bad boy or just a jerk?

Some people have suggested that NASCAR driver Tony Stewart is simply misunderstood. Others have openly excused their behavior. And others have admirably referred to him as "NASCAR's bad boy." Finally, some have suggested that there is nothing admirable about his behavior. He's just acting like an idiot. Tell me as one of the last.I judge people by their behaviors and

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Home Kitchen

Pros and cons of a reconditioned kitchen stand mixer

If you've ever considered buying a stand mixer, you probably know that while it's a worthwhile investment, it can seem a bit pricey. Often a more affordable alternative to buying a new mixer is buying a refurbished one. Refurbished Kitchenaid Stand Mixers are mixers that may have been carefully used at the same time, or previously had a minor defect,

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