15 funny jokes to take to work

Every stress-filled job needs a little injection of humor to ease the burden of the workday. With extended deadlines, missed quotas, mistakes made, a boss not satisfied with his performance, co-workers complaining, and backstabbing ... some days the workplace can seem like nothing more than a huge self-esteem sucking machine. Since the innate desire to yell and punch will not

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4 alternatives to bank loans to finance your holidays

Do you have your travel bags and passport ready to be stamped with a new international trip? Being woven into daily errands and on-going monotonous life, it's hard to find time for yourself. After hours, days, and months of deep thought about your desired vacation plans, do you now have a new vacation funding problem arising for you?Doesn't that make

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How to play the Pokémon Go game and when will it be released in Asian countries like the Philippines?

Many netizens were eager to experience travel between the real world and the virtual world of Pokémon, especially here in the Philippines. John Hanke, the founder of Niantic, the game's developer, stated that he does not want to limit the availability of the game. The game was mainly released in European countries, however they certainly fixed some server issues with

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On July 19, the Boston Globe wrote an article titled "Doing the Right Thing for the Left?" To say that Manny Ramirez is making left field look tough because he's playing too shallow, allowing too many doubles that haven't hit the wall, blah blah blah. Don't the Globe folks have better things to write about now that the Red Sox

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Online bingo player profile

"There was a farmer who had a dog ..." You know the rest. For most of us, our first encounter with bingo is as a farmer's dog. The legacy of bingo as a children's campfire song is undeniable. As we got older, so did that dog. Bingo went from being a song to a game. Five column cards filled with

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