Regulatory Compliance and Expanded Content Labels

The demand for more copy space on product labels is increasing as brands look to maintain shelf appeal and meet regulatory requirements. For example, a product may need to include additional health or safety information. Or, it could be required to include multilingual directions. Often the space available to brand designers is too small to accommodate this information, so extended content labels offer the ideal solution for brands looking for a way to get their message across without losing shelf appeal or failing to comply with government regulations.

ECLs are available in a variety of constructions to meet your unique Expanded Content Labels needs including peel and reveal, cut & stack dual-ply, booklets, and coupons. They are also available in a wide range of finishes and adhesives to help you create the perfect look for your packaging.

One of the most common forms of ECL is pressure sensitive. This construction is often used in the Health and Beauty and OTC markets where package profiles are small and finding space for government mandated health and safety information can be challenging. Other popular constructions of pressure sensitive ECLs include roll-fed l and cut & stack ply.

Regulatory Compliance and Expanded Content Labels – What You Need to Know

Pressure Sensitive ECLs are often produced completely in-line and can be printed with single-pass printing, reducing production time and cost while ensuring consistency between products. The labels can be in a range of sizes and page counts, offering up to 200% more content area than a traditional flat label.

For customers that require larger amounts of information, SpectraFoldTM labels are created by placing two pressure sensitive base labels on top of each other using a special adhesive glue and are meant to be resealable from the bottom label. This patented construction is ideal for food products that promote rebates or redeemable offers, as the top label can be peeled away from the bottom while the base information stays attached to the product.

Unlike standard flat labels, these durable labels are designed to withstand a variety of weather conditions and can be used for a wide range of products. They are an effective way to communicate important product details and are a cost-effective alternative to costly neck tags or inserts for smaller orders.

Inovar® ECLs are the perfect way to increase your brand’s visibility and messaging on products with limited or no space for labels. They are a great solution for product categories like pharmaceutical, nutraceuticals, dietary supplements, industrial and personal care products.

The information that brands must include on their labels is constantly changing and evolving. Whether it is because of FDA regulations or consumer demand, the need for expanded content labels has never been greater. This type of labeling offers a way for brand owners to ensure they’re addressing the many requirements governing labels and can also provide important extra information that consumers want to know, from calorie facts to drug information to multilingual directions.

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