The last few years saw a huge following and a high demand for headgear. Fedoras, cowboy hats, felt hats, straw hats, fitted hats, hats too ridiculous to wear, and a few other styles have found their place on the heads of normal models, celebrities, and men. Despite the emergence of new and updated styles, the most popular hat style is still the fitted hat. From truckers to baseball caps, fitted caps were and are the hottest trend in headwear so far. However, this popular trend has a downside. These hats need to fit snugly on your head to look good, but the problem is that these hats take a long time to fit your head properly. Also, older looking caps are considered to look better. Since not all people are willing to endure long periods of “new hat” comments, some ways to shrink and age hats faster had been improvised.

If your hat is made of wool like most fitted hats, baseball hats, and other sports hats, you should be fine. The best sports fashion sites recommend shrinking your hat using the hot water method. Wool shrinks when washed in hot water, but don’t wash your hat yet because it could cause the color to run. Instead, soak it in hot or lukewarm water (no detergent please) and use. Pushing it onto a round-shaped object like a bowl or ball similar to the size of your head will also do the trick if you don’t want to endure the humidity. Some people swear they shower with their caps on. If color starts to run, rinse with cold water quickly and dry with a hand dryer; otherwise, let the hat dry while wearing it. Make sure to position the hat as you would normally wear it so it can take the perfect molded shape. Ventilate the dry hat to remove the musty smell, but remember to avoid sunlight as the sun can bleach your hat. If you don’t want to risk the color of your fitted hats, you can shrink the hat using another method. Cutting the mesh on the inside of your hat and removing the board will shrink your hat significantly. However, this method is much riskier because your hat will have a tendency to change shape or warp. Not only will it look old, but it will also look very battered.

The best and most effective way to get hats that fit really well is to buy a good brand with a really good fit. Divide up fitted hats by wearing them frequently. In addition to having a good fit, your fitted hats, gaming hats and other hats will get a truly antique look and feel without deformities caused by the acceleration of the aging and adjustment process.

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