Hey, do you remember that honeymoon you had with your new spouse, oh so many years ago? Wasn’t it wonderful? The love? The walks on the beach? The kisses under the moonlight?

Now if you’re thinking, “yes, those were the days,” then you and your loved one must have a second honeymoon. That’s right, a second honeymoon. Who said romance and spontaneity have to go away just because you’ve been married for a while? Newlyweds don’t corner the romance market, you know.

So now that you are excited about the idea of ​​a second honeymoon, it is time to choose a location. Let’s see, where will it be? Now if you’re on your way to pack the kids and set off for the Grand Canyon, stop there. This is not a family vacation. It’s a second honeymoon, and an unofficial rule for a second honeymoon is NO CHILDREN! Not that there is anything wrong with children. And yours are probably cute and adorable, especially with their little soccer pajamas. But, cute, adorable, stand-up pajamas don’t belong on a honeymoon. They belong at home with grandmother and grandfather.

A place that you might consider for your second honeymoon is probably one that you and your family would not consider for your family vacation, making it even more perfect for your honeymoon. May I suggest St. Thomas, one of the United States Virgin Islands.

Well, of course, being an island, St. Thomas can’t help but be a romantic place to spend your second honeymoon. And, if you want to be pampered, you can consider staying at one of the excellent Spa Resorts in St. Thomas. Here are some of the most prominent tourist resorts:

The Wyndham Sugar Bay Resort & Spa


The award-winning Wyndham is one of the most popular all-inclusive resorts in St. Thomas. What does all inclusive mean? It means that many amenities are included in one package, which generally helps reduce costs. Services like:

* All meals and snacks

* All drinks, including premium liquor and house wine

* All non-motorized water sports, recreation, entertainment and activities including tennis, basketball, beach volleyball, windsurfing, kayaking and snorkeling.

* Access to the Fitness Center

* Taxes and Tips – That’s right, tips are not required.

There is an additional spa package for those who wish to make use of the spa facilities.

The Ritz-Carlton, St. Thomas


Another great resort in St. Thomas is the Ritz-Carlton, which is in a $ 40 million renovation and improvement project, to be completed in December 2006. The Ritz-Carlton is located on a 30-acre estate with a view to the water and the white sand beaches. from the eastern end of St. Thomas.

Those heading for a second honeymoon might be interested in their “Reconnection Package,” which includes oceanfront accommodations, daily breakfast for two, and a half-day Lady Lynsey cruise for two guests per stay.

No matter where you stay in St. Thomas, venture out and explore the wonderful beaches that St. Thomas has to offer. While your resort probably has its own private beach, you should take the opportunity and explore all the other public beaches as well.

Coki Point

A small but popular beach with calm waters. Coki Point is ideal for boats, jet skis, diving and snorkeling, with equipment rentals on the beach.

Magens Bay

A very popular beach, often considered the best beach in all of St. Thomas. However, you have to pay for its popularity. There is a small entrance fee. Another place to sail, snorkel, and kayak.

Secret port

Interested in diving? Then head to Secret Harbor, which is considered ideal for snorkelling. An on-site dive rental shop can help you with equipment.

Lindquist Beach

An undeveloped beach without equipment rental or food stalls. If you want to get away from the commercial beaches, this is the place.

Wherever you stay or the beaches you visit, take time to relax and rediscover yourself. Who knows, you might decide to renew your vows at the same time. Does that mean you’ll go on a third honeymoon later? Well, there is an idea.

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