Some dogs love to dig and it can be a difficult habit to break. It can also be frustrating for you, after all, you probably don’t want your yard or garden to be a mess. Training your dog to stop digging simply by scolding him can be time consuming, so here are some other solutions that can help you fix the digging problem pretty quickly.

1. Hide balloons in the holes your dog usually digs and cover them with soil. The next time your dog goes to dig in the holes, the balloons will pop and scare your dog.

2. Put some type of dig in certain places where your dog prefers to dig. Some deterrents include cayenne pepper or things that have a bitter smell.

3. Put your dog’s poop in its holes and cover it with soil. Some dogs don’t like the smell of their own feces and will stop digging. Please note that this will not work with all dogs. Some will actually eat it, so don’t continue with this technique.

4. Install a sprinkler near the holes your dog digs in your yard, turn it on every time you catch him digging, this will also scare him away and prevent him from digging in the future.

5. If you have a garden that your dog digs in, choose plants that are unattractive to your dog, such as roses with thorns. You can still have whatever flowers you want, but here and there plant roses or any other plants your dog doesn’t want to touch or smell.

6. If your dog just digs everywhere and nothing else works, you can assign him a designated area to dig, like a sandbox or a small fenced-in area that is out of sight or away from your gardens. Reprimand your dog for digging in your lawn or garden and praise him for digging in his designated area.

If one of these solutions doesn’t work for your dog, move on to the next one. Be persistent in trying to break them out of their pesky digging habit.

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