Going through pregnancy, there is typically less than 9 months to prepare and prepare your home for the new addition to your family. There are a number of things you should buy in advance that are necessary or could just make your life easier when you return home after the birth.

Items to buy

1. Somewhere for the baby to sleep.

It can be a crib, carrycot or cradle. A lightweight, portable bed is often considered best for the first few weeks as your baby will get a lot of sleep and it will be helpful if you can move the sleeping spot from room to room. You will usually need to buy a crib around 6 months, depending on how fast your baby is growing.

2. In a stroller.

A stroller or stroller is one of the most expensive purchases of the first year. Traditional full-size strollers are very sturdy, warm, and comfortable. They are usually on the more expensive end of the range, but they seem to hold their value well when sold. Many parents opt for a 2-part stroller; a folding frame and a canopy that can be used as a carrycot with handles. The thing to keep in mind with this is that escalators can be difficult, as well as traveling on buses. You must decide how you will travel, where your destinations will be, and then choose the systems that suit you best.

3. Car seat

If you are traveling by car, you should always use a car seat and follow the manufacturer’s instructions for installation. The car seat should be the correct type of seat for your baby’s stage. This is an item that you should definitely buy new as you will not know if a second hand seat has been damaged. Learn how to properly position and use your car seat.

4. Clothes

Most new parents go a little overboard when shopping for their first child. Buy what you need at a minimum and spend the money on clothes for a slightly older age when your baby is born. This is what you need:

2 shawls or shawls

4 vests

4 stretch suits

2 cardigans

1 snow suit or similar

3 pairs of socks (unless all clothing has feet)

1 pair of mittens

1 hat

5. Change of team

There is a lot of debate right now about the choice of disposable or terry cloth diapers / diapers. The choice is yours, but most people go for diapers / disposable diapers. Newborn babies will go through at least 6 diapers / diapers a day, so stock up!

Diapers / Nappies

Baby lotion / cotton balls or baby wipes

– The normal advice is to use water and cotton initially and then use olive oil as a moisturizer in a newborn baby

Protective cream

6. Feeding equipment

If you are breastfeeding, make sure you know what you need to know; see the bottom of this article for a free guide to breastfeeding.

For bottle feeding you will need:

Bottles (I would recommend 6)

A sterilization kit

Formula milk

Burp towels


7. Baby chair / hammock

Choose one that supports the baby’s head if you plan to use it from birth. Your baby will love to see what happens, but you should not place the chair or hammock on a raised surface. The arrival of your first child is a magical time and preparing for this special moment can lead you to ‘pamper’ your child before he is born by buying lots of clothes and equipment. Your baby will grow up without his clothes after 3-4 months and will never really get his clothes that dirty.

You can save a lot of money by using second-hand clothing and equipment and if you are on a budget or just mindful of your spending, you can certainly go this route with confidence. If you buy equipment, stay away from really old equipment and check for signs of damage. Operate the moving parts and make sure the equipment is fit for purpose. As stated, always buy a new car seat.

Good luck with the birth and your new arrival.

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