Many ask if there are specific qualities that distinguish a good firm from a bad one. To add more, they also ask if asking a person to change the design and qualities of their name in any way invalidate their signature. A signature is supposed to be the exact and true trademark of a person. In the legal world, a signature that is not clearly recognizable will not render the document legal and unenforceable. A signature is validated for an individual even if they feel that changes are necessary to improve it.

Notaries, in particular, work hard to confirm identity. This is their main duty and they do it through the authorization of sources such as a driver’s license or military ID. The cryptology of the signatures is not reason enough for any notary to question the calligraphy of the tenants, the arthritic skill or the muse. Being public officials, notaries are exonerated from accuracy. As long as the identity is confirmed and the pen strikes the paper adding that signature, the trademark is as good as executed regardless of any aesthetics that may be present.

The truth is that there is no massive database of signatures. Therefore, in each case, the speed, motion, and velocity vary even slightly. This means that once a trademark has been executed, it may be impossible to determine the flow, structure, and even physics of the scribble. This is unless you have been trained to do so. A signature is a mark whose purpose is to show an agreement of stated terms and nothing more.

writing analysis

In the field of forgeries and scribbles, there are trained experts whose job it is to analyze handwriting. However, notaries are not qualified to examine or detect any significant analysis, recognition, segmentation or character of the variety of signatures. Only those trained in trademark detection are armed with the metrics of pressure, size, writing location, and spacing. Handwriting analysis can be said to be only as accurate as the analyst handling the analysis. In general, qualified and certified analysts will have an accuracy rate of approximately 90% in the analysis.

It must be remembered that handwriting can be analyzed regardless of how messy it is. There is no difference when it comes to parsing whether the writing is legible or not. It is not even necessary to handle the reading of the content that is written in order to perform a proper analysis of the writing. There are cases where people try to forge documents by changing the handwriting. However, certified and trained analysts manage to analyze the written content and attach it to its original writers. Therefore, it can be said that handwriting will always have a certain uniqueness, regardless of changes made to it. There will always be something to choose from him and something that also makes him stand out from the rest. This is how analysts manage to do their job with such high percentages of accuracy.

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