What happens after a breakup is that anger, confusion, and resentment build up in the breakup. As the waif, you have to realize that there is a period of time that you will have to deal with, in which all these emotions will come to the surface. It will not be easy.

You will be feeling that there is no closure to the relationship; Your ex left you hanging in the dark. They didn’t explain their feelings, the reasons for their breakup or anything.

As a dropout, this leaves you feeling powerless; you never had a chance to express your feelings in the relationship. You didn’t get a chance to understand what you could have done differently or what caused the breakup.

You *may* find your ex coming back of their own accord a little later. If this happens and they say things like, “I really missed you,” “That was a huge mistake on my part,” “I really want to be with you now, not that other person I was dating,” they STILL didn’t. I don’t explain why they broke up with you.

So you need to prepare. The real problem must come to light. If you can’t talk to your partner and there wasn’t equal listening time between you, with the joint effort to meet each other’s needs, the relationship will fail.

Honesty and openness should be the foundation of your relationship. If the relationship is not based on trust, it will be impossible for you to move forward together. You will get stuck repeating the same arguments over and over again. So what you need to do to get your ex to LISTEN to you after a breakup is…

1. Write a letter, according to the breakup.

2. Say you are moving forward and mention exciting things happening in your life.

3. Sign the letter with your name. It has to be a handwritten letter. No phone calls, emails or Facebook messages. Write a letter to your ex. That leaves the door open for them.

Ultimately, any relationship stands a chance if both parties are willing to work through their issues. If love is the foundation, then this breakup may just be your ex’s attempt to get some time alone, to reestablish their own sense of self.

You can also use this time for yourself; What positive things could have come out of this breakup for you?

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