Steve Young was one of the best quarterbacks the National Football League has ever seen. He played in the USFL with the Los Angeles Express to begin his professional career, and after that league closed, he joined the NFL’s Tampa Bay Buccaneers. After just two seasons in Tampa, Young was traded to the San Francisco 49ers and the rest, as they say, is history. He was a backup quarterback and a starter in the early part of his career at the bay, but after Joe Montana left to finish his career at Kansas City, the 49ers were his entire team.

For most of Young’s career, he was not only able to beat a team with his arm, but also with his legs. His mobility and speed helped him avoid the bag, extend a play and get the ball to the open man. It also helped him get the ball in and run with it quite effectively. Young finished his career with 232 career touchdown passes, not a bad number, especially considering how much time he lost in the USFL and as a backup, but who was his favorite receiver throughout his career?

Without a doubt, and unsurprisingly, Steve Young’s favorite catcher was the great Jerry Rice. Rice caught more career touchdown passes from Steve Young than any other player. During their time together, they bonded for an incredible 85 touchdowns. No quarterback had a better receiver and, having played with both Young and Joe Montana, no receiver has had better quarterbacks than Rice.

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