Wide Variety of Student Accommodations in Cambridge

You’ll find a wide variety of Cambridge student accommodation, from luxury student apartments to affordable student flats. The city has a high inflow of students and this makes it easy to find accommodation that suits your needs.

Cambridge student accommodation is a great experience. The university is internationally renowned and it attracts thousands of tourists every year, creating a vibrant culture with lots to do. Despite being a small city, it has a large number of cafes and pubs and you’ll also be able to enjoy its stunning architecture.

There are a variety of things to see and do in Cambridge, from museums and galleries to music, theatre, sports and more. The city centre is home to a fantastic range of restaurants and bars, so you’ll never run out of options for dinner or drinks with friends. The area is also full of parks and green spaces, so you can relax in the sunshine after a hard day’s studying.

You’ll Find a Wide Variety of Student Accommodations in Cambridge

The city is also known for its fantastic nightlife and it stays alive well into the early hours with a huge selection of clubs, bars, and restaurants. You’ll also be able to find plenty of live music venues and comedy shows, so you’ll always have something new to check out.

If you want to live in a lively student area that’s close to all the action, look for accommodation in Brunswick House or Anglia House. These purpose-built student buildings are less than 10 minutes walk from Anglia Ruskin University and the city centre. They also offer a range of first-class communal areas, so it’s the perfect place to meet new friends.

Another option is to stay in the city’s historic heart. You’ll be a short walk from the university and the best of the city’s restaurants, cafes and shops. The area is also home to some fantastic museums and galleries, including Kettle’s Yard and the Fitzwilliam Museum. Plus, the stunning Castle Hill is a must-visit, where you can climb up to the magnificent Great Saint Mary’s Church for a wonderful view of the city.

Institutions and accommodation providers must continue to prioritize inclusivity in their policies, practices, and physical environments. By doing so, they contribute to a campus culture that values diversity, promotes equality, and prepares students for a globalized and inclusive society.

Alternatively, you could stay in the Hemingford Road area and you’ll be just two kilometres from Anglia Ruskin University. These student rooms are more affordable than those in the centre of town and they have a great location too, with plenty of local amenities. If you choose to live here, we recommend choosing a property that has all bills included in your rent so you won’t have any unexpected costs. This way, you can focus on your studies and enjoy your time in Cambridge.

End-of-Year Celebration: To wrap up the first year of college, organizing an end-of-year celebration is a great way to commemorate the achievements and experiences of first-year students. This event can include live music, food, and speeches from faculty or student leaders. It serves as a moment of reflection and appreciation for the challenges overcome and friendships formed during the academic year.

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