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The Home Business Insurance Companies Don’t Want You To Know About

On October 30, 2012, Maritza Roman, a 27-year-old little single mother of two girls, thought she had weathered the biggest storm she had ever experienced, Superstorm Sandy. In reality, Maritza had managed to avoid major damage to her home as Sandy traversed the state devastating thousands of homes in New Jersey.However, after the dust had settled, Maritza noticed a damp

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Top 10 Free Mobile Messaging Apps Tested

Developers around the world are constantly innovating. They design and develop messaging applications that allow us to be conveniently connected to each other in this fast-paced modern world. Most of these apps require you to subscribe or pay to download and install them. However, quite a few are available completely free of charge.We will highlight and briefly explain our pick

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Flagged / ghost ads on Craigslist, Backpage, Kijiji? Here are 6 things you can do to stop it

If you market affiliate products and services (or your own products and services) on free classified ad sites like Craigslist, Backpage, Kijiji, etc., your ads may sometimes not appear.Sometimes it can be due to over-posting or marketing of something that goes against the guidelines of that particular site, or even a technical error. Other times, however, it can be more

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The Fuel and Electric Showdown

The history of the automobile emphasizes luxury, comfort and aesthetics over performance, power, speed and safety. This is true for your original need: transportation and transportation. However, if we consider buying a car with more horsepower that is safe for everyday use and offers more mileage, gasoline cars are the best option, both for roads and racetracks. The theory is

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Digital Marketing

5 ways to avoid having a cheesy and unprofessional website

I learned several successful marketing methods by writing articles online. The same rules apply to commercial websites. Writing useful content on your business website, to give your readers something of value, will help generate more traffic and lead to business success. It will also give your website a professional look. Here are five ways to achieve that professional-looking, not cheesy

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Hitman: Blood Money cheats and codes for Xbox 360

Infinite moneySuccessfully complete any mission and earn the least amount of money possible. Save the game and then play that mission again. Earn as much money as possible and create a save point immediately before escaping the level. Then escape the level and the mission review screens will appear showing your new account balance. Any additional money earned from playing

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