9 Types of Pizza

When it comes to pizza, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer. The variety is vast, with styles ranging from the thin crust tavern-style pie that was invented in Chicago to Neapolitan pizza, which originated in Naples and has the classic tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese.

Then there are those who prefer pies with unique sauces, like the cream-based Alfredo pizza, which pairs well with rich mushrooms and zesty garlic. Other popular pizzas use a spicy tomato-based buffalo sauce, which is also great with shredded chicken and blue cheese chunks. Regardless of your preferences, there is sure to be a perfect pizza for you and your family. But what if you’re ready to try something completely different? If you’re in the mood to experiment, check out these nine types of pizzas that will give you a taste of Italy and beyond.

This pizza is a popular choice for those who enjoy toppings that aren’t typically found on other varieties of the pie. The toppings on this type of pizza are surprisingly delicious, making it a must-try for any pizza lover. Sicilian pizza is a type of pizza with an extremely thick crust, which gives it a unique texture that isn’t like any other type of pizza you’ve ever tried. It’s often topped with sausage and ham, which make it the perfect combination of sweet and salty.

9 Types of Pizza That Will Give You a Taste of Italy and Beyond

New York-style pizza is known for its thin, crispy crust that’s often covered in pepperoni and other meaty toppings. It’s the perfect pizza to grab on-the-go if you’re on your way to work or school and need a meal that’s easy to digest. Even though pizza purists may disagree, the sweet and savory flavor of pineapple and ham makes this pizza an absolute treat for many. While it’s not a staple on other pizzas, the Hawaiian pizza is one that will always stand out as its own distinct style of the dish.

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A quattro formaggi pizza is a type of Italian pizza that is topped with a combination of four cheeses. Traditionally, this includes mozzarella and three other types of cheeses that vary by region, such as Gorgonzola, Fontina, and Parmigiano-Reggiano. This type of pizza is loved by cheese-aficionados all over the world.

Unlike other pizzas that come in a more uniform shape, a Roman pizza is served by the slice. This means that you can specify exactly how much of this rectangular pie you want a pizzeria worker to cut off for you, and they will charge accordingly.However, pizza is not without its critics. In the early 19th century, pizza was scorned by many food writers. Samuel Morse, the inventor of the telegraph, described it as “a species of the most nauseating cake… covered over with slices of pomodoro or tomatoes and sprinkled with little fish and black pepper and I know not what other ingredients, altogether looking like a piece of bread that has been taken reeking out of the sewer.”

While this pizza style doesn’t appear on many menus, it has a unique flavor that can’t be replicated. Calabria is located not far from Naples, and this pizza’s unique taste reflects the area’s culinary culture. While the pizza itself is quite different from other varieties, it is just as delicious.

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