Fix a Circumventing Systems Policy Suspension

A suspended Google Ads account is an awful event for any business. It disrupts a company’s advertising efforts, hurting the brand’s revenue and reputation. It takes time and effort to restore a suspended account, and it can be costly as well. The ad suspension is usually caused by a policy violation. These are guidelines set by platforms like Google and Facebook to prevent advertisers from attempting to bypass ad review systems or exploiting them. Violating these guidelines can lead to disapprovals, account suspensions and even permanent bans on the accounts. Some of the most common violations include using deceptive practices, cloaking techniques and manipulating ad serving.

Circumventing System Policy is one of the most serious policy violations that can lead to a Google Ads account suspension. This is because it violates the integrity, transparency and fairness of the Google ad ecosystem. It also prevents advertisers from trying to find loopholes and ways to get their ads approved or achieve better performance artificially. This is why it’s important to understand what this policy actually means and how it affects advertisers.

There are many reasons why an ad account gets suspended for violating the circumventing system policy. The most common reason is creating multiple ad accounts in an attempt to avoid getting flagged by the ad system. The other common reason is posting content that violates the platform’s guidelines. This can include promoting restricted substances, illegal activities or adult content.

How to Fix a Circumventing Systems Policy Suspension

While it’s a good idea to push the boundaries and be creative with your ad campaigns, it’s important to follow the rules and guidelines set by the platform you are advertising on. This will help you maintain a healthy and compliant ad account that’s less likely to get suspended.

If your Google Ads account has been suspended for violating the circumventing system policies, it can be a distressing experience. However, it is possible to recover your account by identifying the root cause of the issue, taking corrective measures and filing an appeal with Google Ads. It’s recommended to hire a PPC expert company for this purpose, as they will be able to successfully assist you in recovering your Google Ads account and optimize your campaigns.

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