Here’s the deal, life is really simple. No, really, it is. Now, for the sake of this article, let’s assume we can pull weird situations off the fringes, like he was born with horrible disfigurements or he’s already extremely wealthy, etc. If that describes you and you’re still reading this article, then congratulations, and just by showing the effort and determination to read about health, fitness, nutrition and wellness, we know you’re on the right track.

For the rest of you who have no excuses, no horrible debilitating diseases, and no family wealth, let’s see where your problems lie. Look, we’ve all heard the rags-to-riches stories of famous athletes, entertainers, and entrepreneurs. These people have overcome tragedy, travesty, poverty, abuse (physical/mental/emotional/sexual) and basically the worst odds anyone could have in their lives and traded it for success. How did they do it, well that’s the million dollar question now isn’t it? Guts, guts, hard work, determination, being able to look forward, luck, any of the above, all of the above? They just did it. They used all of that, but mostly they did it every day. They woke up and kept pushing to get to where they wanted to be, and they did it again the next day and the next day and so on. Once they reached their goals, they kept pushing harder and harder. Not once a week or once a month, but every day. Because? They could not live in any other way than by creating their own destiny. Remember: stagnation is a bad place to be.

Let’s be honest – What are the things you have wanted for yourself that you have not yet achieved? What are the dreams you don’t even try to work for? How many people in your life do you know (dare I say most of them?) who are in the same boat? They are not happy with who they are or what situations they are in, but they are not moving to change that very quickly either. Let’s talk details, and believe me when I say that nothing is out of the question. What could you want you to believe is impossible? Because I assure you that everything has a way to him. Some paths are harder to reach, some take longer, but in the end, they are all achievable.

I want to be a famous athlete

What it takes: Yes, some good genes help, but beyond that, years (not months) of constant painful training and nutrition, sacrificing time spent with friends/family, positive mindset, flexibility to move where necessary to play (from small). Iowa cities to play basketball in Europe), patience to learn from your teammates and coaches.

I want to be a famous actor

What it takes: Same as above, maybe a little less nutrition/training focus, but more rejection tolerance akin to cold calling, playing the ‘Hollywood’ game which is basically selling your soul and making the best for your career at a moment’s notice, being continually surrounded in an industry that isn’t kind or cares about your feelings but instead abounds with all sorts of dysfunctional people and is generally more concerned with participation in the market and positioning, like most industries. Perseverance beyond what you can imagine. The person who moves to LA and tries for five years before returning home to mediocrity could have been 3 months away from a life-changing audition.

I want to be a famous musician

What it takes: Reread the above and just add intense amounts of musical training. Everybody is a musician. Rarely is one good. Rarely will any of that even smaller group amount to anything commercially. Can you tour small, no-name bars and clubs regionally for $40/night paying for your share of the band’s share with 10 people in the audience half listening to you? Can you repeat for 3 years to build a following? How tolerant are you of ramen noodles and mac and cheese as staple foods? Unlike athletes or actors in most situations, you now also have to basically be married to bandmates and add that friction to the implosive nature.

I want to have a successful business

What it takes: Talk about perseverance! Great ideas, patience, business management skills, ability to raise money (should be an article on its own!), self-motivation (MUCH harder than it sounds), good reading, great instincts (which can be developed over time). , but now we are talking about a more difficult objective that everyone understands), opportunity, ability to play the game of ‘corporate politics’ and not exhaust yourself with the typical ills of business.

I want to marry a famous model/actor

What is needed:

1. Become who they would like to be.

2. Get into their world.

When Jennifer Aniston first dated Brad Pitt, it’s rumored that she researched all the things he was into to make him like her more. People of effort and investment. How do you become the person they want to be with? First, become the best person you would like to be! Become emotionally stable (although you may not want to be with them once you get there, but we’re going astray), get in the shape you want to be in/someone famous would want to be in, get cultured in general along with the things you like to be in interest (no matter how crazy they are). Lots of work, but the hardest part now is getting into their world. Move to where they live. Work at the places they go (hot clubs, restaurants, hey, it’s happened before), cater to them, get on movie sets in high-end production careers, work in talent agencies, and work your way up. Work with their managers and attorneys. It will take years to achieve, but when you do, your life will change forever. We can’t wait to see you in the tabloids!

I just want to find true love

What it takes: Take everything you know about movies or the media in general and throw it away. Invest. To dedicate. Open. Stop settling. Read about true chemistry. Do many of the above things to first become the person you want to be. Love yourself truly. It’s simple, but I guarantee most of you won’t be able to do it.

Meet people like crazy. Be picky. Learn. Repeat. Don’t settle.

I want to be president

What it takes: Look, history has been made with our first African-American president (even if it’s half), and it’s likely that one day there will be a female president, an atheist president, and even a gay president. What is holding you back? Take many of the steps above to improve yourself, get involved in local politics, READ and educate yourself, get a law degree (as many presidents/members of Congress have done), become successful, run for public office, and repeat. Do your job well, learn to campaign better and repeat.

Now learn why you’re probably not on the path to any of these things.

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