Finding tips on how to enlarge your penis is a good thing for a man who has been living with four inches.

I am one of those who are not too proud of having a small penis. It makes me feel insecure and sad to know that the average penis size for Americans is about six and a half years old. Having to see that other men have no problem with the size of their penis makes me feel even more insecure about it.

But there are things that give hope. Searching on the Internet, I found many tips that would make my penis longer. And it actually gave me more confidence in bed and made me wear much tighter pants because I have a big bulge now. It is also essential for me to give myself the courage to ask women to come home with me knowing that my penis is really bigger.

There is a lot of advice that the Internet gives. Many of them are suggestions of what type of product I should take. And I have found that it is only effective when you do it with a lot of penis enlargement exercises.

I have tried the stretchers and it worked fine, but sometimes it ends up hurting my penis. I have also tried pulling exercises and it seemed to work well. The best one for me that has given me the maximum length I wanted is the Wally Wally Ups exercise.

You do the wally wally ups by sitting in a chair or if you prefer privacy, on the toilet bowl. So you have to make your penis fully erect with masturbation. It doesn’t come to ejaculation, just long enough for significant length to show. He then hangs a small towel over the penis and then has to contract his muscles so that it gives his penis a bit of resistance training. Make sure your penis will harden to its full height with the weight of the towel. Then you need to hold it for about three to five seconds and do five to ten repetitions. The usual number of games would be three to five. I found that this exercise has made my penis stronger and harder when erect. Along with the pickups, it has also made it look longer.

This is just one of the important tips on how to make my penis look longer.

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