Sex is an important part of a romantic relationship and some couples who are not sexually compatible may end their relationship because they lost the enthusiasm to continue seeing someone who is not sexually satisfying. But what if you are a married couple? Although sex is an integral part of a long-term relationship like marriage, it is best to find ways to add some zest to your sex life to become sexually compatible and avoid separation.

Is sex still exciting in your marriage? Or do you feel that it is like a task or a duty that you must fulfill? If you are a spouse suffering from sexual dissatisfaction in your marriage, the following tips can be very helpful in adding some zest to your sex life and saving your marriage.

Set aside some time for foreplay. Good sex is not something that can be done in a hurry. It is an art that can be done slowly for couples to connect emotionally and physically. Foreplay is an important part of sex because by spending some time on foreplay, you are allowing the level of intimacy between you and your wife to increase. Foreplay isn’t just about touching and kissing, but foreplay can start outside of the bedroom. You can increase your enthusiasm for sex by flirting with her outside of the bedroom. Text her naughty or sexy, date her, send her flowers, and express your desire to be intimate with her later at home or in a romantic place. Spending time in foreplay is a great way to add some zest to your sex life.

Be open about your sexual fantasies. Do you have sexual fantasies that you want to fulfill? If you keep hiding your sexual fantasies, you will end up frustrated and unhappy with your sex life. Have the courage to open up and talk about your sexual fantasies with your wife. Most likely, she too has a series of sexual fantasies that need to be fulfilled. Being open with your wife about your sexual desires and encouraging her to open up about her sexual fantasies can go a long way toward making your sex life full and satisfying. Fulfilling each other’s sexual fantasies can definitely add some zest to your sex life.

Experiment in the bedroom. One way to add some zest to your sex life is to try new things and experiment in the bedroom. Experimenting in the bedroom does not have to mean suggesting things that may be very uncomfortable for your wife, such as an additional sexual partner. You can suggest new sex positions, role plays, sex toys, and sex furniture to your wife and encourage her to be open-minded about these things. Those suggestions can add excitement and pleasure to your sex life. Of course, you should know what is extreme and what can be very uncomfortable for your wife. Don’t assume that your wife will be excited about all the changes and suggestions. It’s important to add some zest to your sex life, but it’s also important to communicate properly with your wife before experimenting in the bedroom to make her feel like she’s being heard and that her approval is important.

Learn new techniques to please your wife. Good sex takes some skills, especially from men. It may be difficult to accept that you lack skills, but the truth is that we all have to learn to improve in everything we do, be it at work, school and also in the bedroom. To add some zest to your sex life, you need to keep honing your sexual skills. This will benefit not only you and your wife, but your marriage as well. A sexually satisfied wife is always happy and eager to be with you. Read books and continue to learn about how to give your wife maximum pleasure. Do you want to give your wife multiple orgasms to the point where she screams your name incessantly? To find out how to visit Secrets of the female orgasm

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