Real estate lead generation has gone digital. With different lead generation tools and some mobile marketing apps, you might feel overwhelmed. So how can you decide which tools to add to your lead generation strategy to attract or nurture potential prospects?

Focus your core strategy on the basics of real estate marketing. Tried and true methods are ageless and should be part of your plan, even if they are disguised for digital consumers.


It is worth investing in high-quality professional videos to show yourself as a real estate agent. Buying a home is often the most important purchase a person will make in their life and they enjoy working with the person who has traits they trust, such as personality and authenticity. They are also looking to see if you are the agent they like to work with, so be sure to show your best side. Some agents create YouTube videos to showcase their experience and knowledge combined with their relatable and honest style. Videos can humanize an individual much more than a static site profile. Numerous real estate agents show the beauty of the area in which they specialize in videos. Videos also provide a high return on investment and have proven to be an important technical marketing for generating leads.

Customer Recommendations

You can’t beat a passionate and sincere statement from satisfied customers. Reviews and testimonials should definitely be a part of your online presence. Video testimonials are perfect for some potential sellers and buyers to resonate with that person. If you don’t have video capability, there are many ways to show your satisfied customers. Create a page on your social media or website to share testimonials and share them on larger sites as well. Sellers and buyers will appreciate the honesty of the customer and have a high probability of contacting him.

Social media

Using social media is strongly recommended. Facebook is one of the most dominant forms of communication around the world and paid ad platforms are a profitable way to generate some real estate leads. Use it when targeting your core demographic. Most marketers include Facebook strategies in their marketing plans, and you should too. It’s a worthwhile and practical advertising investment that would pay off when generating new leads. Even though you don’t spend money on ads, you can still improve lead generation on Facebook with the use of new content, engagement, and optimization.

Real Estate Lead Capture Forms

Most people used to search for houses for sale in a newspaper, but now many consumers start their home search online. Having some forms on your site for lead generation is a good way to attract new business. It’s one of the best strategies for generating leads, but never forget to make sure your site is new and up-to-date so that people keep visiting it and you can increase your repeat traffic.


It can really improve your online presence and showcase your expertise as a real estate agent. Use this to communicate your understanding of all things real estate on a consistent basis. Never forget to end your blog with an effective call to action, fill out the form to generate leads or make phone calls.

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