Laifen Wave Electric Toothbrush

In 2024, Laifen, the fast-growing company that makes powerful blow dryers, debuted a revolutionary dual-action electric toothbrush that revolutionizes the way we brush our teeth. Featured at CES 2024, the groundbreaking Wave electric toothbrush combines oscillation and vibration for an unprecedented cleaning experience. This innovative toothbrush delivers three times more brushing efficiency to support healthier teeth and gums — making it a true game-changer.

The revolutionary Wave’s groundbreaking combination of oscillation and vibration enables it to remove more plaque from your teeth than traditional electric toothbrushes without the added pain and soreness on the gums. The proprietary servo system manages wide-angle 60deg oscillations while delivering potent torque to ensure optimal brushing performance. The result is a clean that’s up to 3x more effective than a manual toothbrush, without the painful pulsations and sore gums.

Achieve a deep, yet gentle, clean with laifen wave electric toothbrush heads that are crafted using a copper-free tufting process to prevent bacteria buildup. This, combined with the soft and tapered bristles, effectively cleans your teeth and gums while being gentle on the enamel and periodontal ligaments. The removable brush heads are also easy to replace, so you can switch between different options to suit your needs.

Laifen Wave Electric Toothbrush – The Future of Brushing!

Laifen’s convenient app offers customized brushing settings across three modes and ten intensity levels. Easily fine-tune the perfect setting, track your brushing duration and receive real-time feedback on your brushing technique. The app also reminds you when it’s time to change your brush head, ensuring that your brush is always up to date and performing at its best.

The Wave’s high-performance proprietary servo system is powered by a rechargeable Li-ion battery, giving the Brusher a lifetime of use. It consumes less power than competing electric toothbrushes in Sleep Mode, so you can brush for up to 30 days on a single charge. The brush also has a unique Backpack Mode that will automatically turn off the Brusher when it doesn’t detect movement for three minutes, saving power and prolonging the battery life.

The Wave is available now at Amazon, with a special discount of 10% for the first month, then 25% off the regular price for the rest of the year. With a range of finish colors and three different types of brush heads, you can find the Wave that is right for you. And with the included magnetic fast-charging cable, it’s easy to keep your Wave charged at home or on the go.

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