To understand the difference between QuickBooks Online and Hosted QuickBooks, we need to know 3 versions of QuickBooks.

1. Desktop QuickBooks

2. QuickBooks Online

3. QuickBooks hosted in the cloud

QuickBooks Desktop Edition

The desktop edition of QuickBooks has many features that help you a lot in bookkeeping and account maintenance. Inventory tracking, currency calculator, business overview, and much more are features of the business. But the desktop edition of QuickBooks doesn’t help you access applications from anywhere over the Internet.

QuickBooks Online Edition (QBOE)

QuickBooks Online Edition or QBOE is the version developed based on the demands of customers who want to access various applications over the Internet. This helps to access services over the Internet from anywhere. But QBOE also has its own drawbacks. Exactly what? Let’s put some light on the same in this article.

QBOE restrictions

• QuickBooks prevents you from enjoying certain functionality that you were able to get through QuickBooks desktop software. The functionalities not available in the QBOE are:

1. Inventory Tracking – Inventory tracking is available in the desktop edition of QuickBooks, but the online edition does not help you with inventory tracking.

2. Purchase orders – Purchase order functionality is removed in the online edition.

3. Business Overview – The business overview cannot be viewed through the online edition of QuickBooks.

4. Currency Calculator – The currency calculator that made calculating an easy task in the desktop edition is not available in QuickBooks Online Edition.

• QuickBooks Online Edition becomes too expensive if users have too many customers. How? Charges are applied based on the number of files to be kept. Therefore, it is not suitable for people who have too many clients and, in turn, too many files to manage.

So what is the alternative that helps you enjoy the full functionality that you enjoyed in a desktop version of QuickBooks and also the Internet accessibility that you enjoy through QBOE? The answer is QuickBooks Cloud Hosting!

QuickBooks cloud hosting

QuickBooks Cloud Hosting contains the best features of both worlds: the desktop version of QuickBooks and QBOE. In terms of functionality, it is as strong as the desktop version and in terms of convenience, it is as strong as the Online Edition. Yes! It is the true package that becomes the solution for all your concerns.

What is required for QuickBooks cloud hosting?

A hosting provider is the main requirement of QuickBooks Hosting. Hosting providers install the desktop version of QuickBooks not on their side but on their server. This helps you access QuickBooks software from the devices on your side, also from anywhere via the Internet. Secure Socket Layer technology or SSL technology ensures that the confidentiality of transmitted data is not compromised. 128-bit encryption is used to ensure data security.

Cloud-based technology is used which has qualities such as data security and ease of use. An additional security measure is also taken: all the files you transfer are backed up flawlessly! Cloud technology is the cutting edge technology used by everyone today and this also helps to increase the compatibility and accessibility ratio.

Differences between QuickBooks Online edition and QuickBooks hosted in the cloud

Let’s clarify the differences between QBOE and QuickBooks hosted in the cloud by taking them to certain points that are detailed below.

1. QuickBooks Cloud Hosting supports more functionality than QuickBooks Online Edition – All the functionality of the desktop version of QuickBooks is available in QuickBooks Cloud Hosting but not in QuickBooks Online Edition.

2. QuickBooks Online Edition is not as cost effective as QuickBooks Cloud Hosting for users with many clients – QuickBooks Online Edition charges per file and the same makes it expensive for users with many clients. The reason is that too many files are needed to manage many clients and in turn QBOE becomes very expensive as charges are applied to each file. On the other hand, this type of charge does not apply to the user of the Hosted QuickBooks edition and is therefore more cost-effective. You can also get extra space by paying a little more for the cloud hosting version of QuickBooks.

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