If you are investing time and money in digital marketing for your business, you may have heard of how email marketing can serve your business. Email marketing is commonly regarded as one of the most effective tools for promoting your brand to potential customers, even beating other strategies such as social media. Email marketing campaign services exist for a reason, after all.

If you are new to digital marketing, you are probably shaking your head in disbelief. How can this generation remain interested in email? Marketers know that email is not only alive, it is still as relevant, easy to use, inexpensive, and most importantly, effective. Here are reasons to invest in creating an email marketing campaign.

1. Email is not restrictive

We have passed the phase where Facebook is giving business owners and advertisers the opportunity to promote their brands, only to get it back after various privacy issues and algorithm changes. Fortunately for marketers, Facebook paves the way for online advertising, but it is not the only possible method, not even the best.

This is where email shines. You don’t have to worry about any algorithm changes that could derail your entire marketing strategy. In fact, you don’t even have to worry about your audience disappearing or moving to the next best platform.

Your email list is still a list of people who want to hear from your company. Even if they choose to unsubscribe, the emails boast a 20 percent open rate, which is higher than Facebook’s equivalent metric, “people talking about this,” which is 5 percent.

2. Email stands the test of time … better than social media

Social media is fast paced, which means your posts easily turn into old news within two days or so. Emails can be longer than two days, because people do not receive emails as fast as they consume social media updates, and with that, their emails will not be deleted as easily.

3. Email marketing is easy to integrate with other digital marketing strategies

With emails, you can easily embed your social media accounts or your website. You can even encourage your recipients to follow your account on social media through your email newsletter, and even regularly remind them to check out your new blog posts.

4. Sending emails will help you retain your customers

Sending emails regularly can increase the chances that your current customers will come back to buy your brand products. In fact, not all of your emails have to be sales pitches; Emails can be a way to introduce your brand’s personality and values, and even encourage engagement with interactive content.

A great example: Glossier, a US-based skincare brand, sends its subscribers emails with random content, such as a picture of a kid, to welcome customers with a “good morning.” . Not only is it a great display of the brand’s personality, but it’s also a great way to nudge your customers every now and then to remind them of your business.

Email marketing is one of the most effective digital marketing strategies. Your first few attempts may not be as successful, but with persistent efforts, your return on investment will skyrocket. If you need help with your marketing campaign, there are several email marketing campaign services ready to help you, and they are usually just an email away.

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