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There are many options available for Yoga Teacher Training. One way to choose the best program is by researching different schools. This will ensure that you receive the most relevant education. This will also allow you to select electives based on your interests and experience. In addition to the curriculum, your school may have extra classes or seminars on yoga for special populations. If you have no prior experience in teaching yoga, you should take an introductory class with a local instructor.

You will learn about different aspects of yoga, such as meditation, as well as how to lead a group of people. As a trainee, you will be required to lead a yoga practice, so you’ll need to find your voice and learn how to speak in front of a group. Often, this inner voice will sound high or weird, but it’s OK. The most important thing is to remember that this inner voice is your best friend. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to develop your teaching abilities, and you’ll be able to speak more confidently.

advanced yoga teacher training online

After you’ve completed your 200-hour online yoga teacher training, you’ll be able to teach basic yoga classes, but more advanced classes will take much more time and study. In addition to basic anatomy and physiology, you’ll learn meditation, breathwork, and the history of yoga. Your course will also cover topics such as astrophysics and anatomy. Unlike an online course, you’ll be able to engage in a variety of electives, such as chanting and mantra chanting.

Yoga Teacher Training & Electives

Depending on the program, you can choose to specialize in the styles of yoga that you love the most. For example, you might want to learn vinyasa yoga for beginners, or perhaps you’d like to teach kids yoga. A full 200-hour yoga teacher training program usually includes both the 300-hour and 200-hour levels, so you’ll need to decide whether or not you want to specialize in a specific style.

During the course, you’ll spend at least five hours learning the business of yoga and incorporating it into your daily life. You’ll learn to teach the basics of yoga, but you’ll also have to focus on the business side of things, such as the logistics of running a yoga studio. You’ll have to choose a location that suits your needs, as you’ll likely need to travel to different places for your teacher training.

A 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training curriculum focuses on hatha yoga. This program is designed for serious students who are already committed to practicing yoga. Applicants to this training should have a regular practice of yoga. A minimum of two hours of yoga per day is required, although you can also choose to study on weekends and evenings. This course also requires a minimum of two years of study. There’s an option for part-time or full-time studies. The two-year ISHTA course lasts four months.

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